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09-28-2016 – Nick Hillary Found Not Guilty in Murder of 12-Year-Old Garrett Phillips – ABC News

09-10-2016 – Potsdam murder case stretched boundaries of DNA rules by Times Union Albany
09-09-2016 – Judge closes door on controversial DNA tests in Hillary trial by North Country Public Radio
09-04-2016 – Hillary defense opposes attempt at second DNA hearing, threatens mistrial by Watertown Daily Times
08-26-2016 – DNA Evidence Excluded from Hillary Trial – Watertown Daily Times
09-19-2016 – The presumption of innocence by Watertown Daily Times
08-19-2016 – Tunnel Vision: Did police cast a wide enough net for Garrett Phillips’ killer? – North Country Public Radio
08-19-2016 – Tunnel Vision: Did police cast a wide enough net in Garret Phillips case? – By Watertown Daily Times
07-12-2016 – (Frye Hearing) DNA hearing granted in Hillary murder case (first time in St. Lawrence County history) – By Watertown Daily Times
07-08-16 – Hillary defense accuses DA Rain of making false statements during hearing – By Watertown Daily Times
07-02-2016 – Attorneys argue DNA admissibility in Hillary trial – By Watertown Daily Times
06-03-2016 – Hillary defense seeks to keep DNA from trial, questions testing techniques – By Watertown Daily Times
Link to Frye Motion here
05-24-2016 – Governor Reviews Request for Investigation Into DA Rain – By Fox 28-TV
04-29-2016 – A justice system in question by Watertown Daily Times
04-28-2016 – Rained Out : Growing concern over behavior of St. Lawrence DA Mary Rain by Watertown Daily Times
04-28-2016 – DA Rain’s law intern has order to practice revoked by state appellate court by Watertown Daily Times
04-27-2016 – Prosecutors group urges probe of DA Mary Rain by North Country Public Radio
04-26-2016 – County legislators approve resolution evoking “no confidence” in St Lawrence DA Mary Rain by Watertown Daily Times
04-26-2016 – St. Lawrence Co. will ask Cuomo administration to investigate D.A. by North Country Public Radio
04-08-2016 – DA’s office accused of fraud ; felony jury trial ends with dismissal by Watertown Daily Times
03-05-2016 – Tensions Simmer as a Small Town Seeks Answers in a Boy’s Killing by The New York Times
02-26-2016 – Allegation of lying reveals new DNA details in Hillary murder case by North Country Public Radio
02-25-2016 – Hillary defense claims Onondaga DA Fitzpatrick lied in court conference by Watertown Daily Times
02-25-2016 – Hillary team accuses ADA Fitzpatrick of lying to court by North Country Public Radio
02-02-2016 – Hillary murder trial delayed again by North Country Public Radio


10-26-2015 – Who’s who in the case against Nick Hillary by Watertown Daily Times
10-22-2015 – New Date Set For Hillary Murder Trial by Fox 28
10-21-2015 – The next Neulander? DA Fitzpatrick preps for another polarizing murder trial – By
10-14-2015 – New judge, DA needed by North Country Now
10-06-2015 – New Hillary lawyer seeks 2016 trial date  by Watertown Daily Times
09-24-2015 – DA thwarted in attempt to sideline Nick Hillary by New York Amsterdam News
09-23-2015 – Hillary Gets Out Of Jail After Posting $200K Bail By WWNY-TV
09-08-2015 – Attorney Lisa Marcoccia Talking about Nick Hillary’s Case on The Big 1380 AM Radio
09-01-2015 – Hillary: Sealed documents ‘proved’ innocence in Potsdam murder By The Journal
08-26-2015 – Remove DA Rain by North Country Now
08-19-2015 – RAILROADED: College Soccer Coach Seeks Justice – By New York Amsterdam News
08-08-2015 – Black Father of Five Indicted For Murder Despite Police Testimony Stating No Evidence That Ties Him To The Murder by BlackNews
08-03-2015: Nick Hillary’s Case Examined by Dave Schrader & the nationally syndicated Darkness Radio
07-30-2015: Truth for Nick Hillary by Nationally Syndicated “America Tonight” with Kate Delaney
07-29-2015: Deputy John Jones says DA Mary Rain is out of her league; Requests Syracuse DA Fitzpatrick who prepared grand jury witnesses
07-28-2015: What Happened To Garrett Phillips? By Grantland /
07-26-2015 – Attorney Lisa Maroccia discussing Nick Hillary’s case by the nationally syndicated Ed Tyll show
07-26-2015: Attorney Lisa Maroccia Talking About Nick Hillary by WFAN 66 & 101.9 Radio
7-23-2015: New website supports Nick Hillary, claims he’s innocent in murder case by Watertown Daily News
07-23-2015: New website supports man accused of 2011 murder of Potsdam boy by North Country Now News
07-22-2015: Web Site Promotes Accused Killer Hillary’s Innocence by WNYF Fox 28-TV
07-15-2015 : Judge orders DA to turn over items to Hillary defense by North Country Public Radio
06-05-2015 : Why is Justice for Garrett So Complicated? by North Country Public Radio
05-12-2015 : Defense alleges Rain withholding evidence in Hillary trial; arguments adjourned by Watertown Daily Times
05-05-2015 : Reports: No evidence former Clarkson soccer coach killed boy, police say by Syracuse Post-Standard
05-05-2015 : Police, under oath, say there’s no evidence placing Hillary at murder scene by Watertown Daily Times
03-05-2015 : 2010 Hillary complaint challenges deputy’s statement by Watertown Daily Times
03-04-2015 : Video footage will ‘exonerate’ deputy, prove Hillary guilty, DA says by Watertown Daily Times
02-13-2015 : Hillary’s Lawyers Seek Video, Name Deputy Sheriff (John E Jones) by WWNY TV 7 News
01-22-2015 : Grand jury issues new indictment of Hillary in Garrett Phillips’ death by Watertown Daily Times


12-05-2014 : Is the F.B.I. investigating SLC DA Mary Rain? by North Country Public Radio
10-17-2014 : Indictment of Hillary dismissed by Judge Richards by Watertown Daily Times
10-16-2014 : Garrett Phillips murder charges (against Nick Hillary) dismissed by North Country Public Radio
10-10-2014 : Hillary says daughter, former coach will offer alibi at murder trial by Watertown Daily Times
09-26-2014 : 3 years after Garrett Phillips’ death, Nick Hillary maintains innocence and changes attorneys by North Country Public Radio
05-16-2014 : Clarkson soccer coach Hillary arrested in Garrett Phillips murder by Watertown Daily Times
05-09-2014 : Grand jury to hear testimony in Garrett Phillips case Monday by Watertown Daily Times


11-06-2013 : Rain celebrates victory in county District Attorney race by The Journal
10-26-2013 : District Attorney Duvé, challenger Rain debate trials, evidence, pleas, experience by North Country Now
03-13-2013 : Former county public defender(Mary Rain) announces bid for D.A. by Watertown Daily Times


10-24-2012 : One year after murder, boy’s mother waits for answers by Watertown Daily Times


10-28-2011 : Attorney: Soccer coach getting treated unfairly by press by Watertown Daily Times
10-25-2011 : UPDATE: Boy’s death baffles investigators by Watertown Daily Times
10-20-2011 : St. Lawrence County Public Defender Mary Rain resigns by Watertown Daily Times
03-03-2011 : St. Lawrence County Public Defender(Mary Rain)Stripped Of Administrative Duties by WWNY TV 7 News